What is eLearning?

Rubik's Cube spelling out the word eLearning on one sideeLearning is the facilitation of education through the use of information and communications technologies. This site brings together the various national tools and resources to support eLearning deployment in the NHS, including the eLearning Repository, the National Learning Management system (OLM eLearning), Readiness Toolkit and eLearning Developer's network.

This is a joint initiative of the SHA eLearning Leads and the eLearning Repository programme. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

eLearning Repository


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The eLearning Repository is an extensible 'search and discover platform' to support the discovery and sharing of eLearning objects and learning resources held both within the Repository and at external locations.

The project offers the following added values:

  • A discovery platform specifically for learning materials
  • A centralised repository of NHS eLearning assets and knowledge
  • A channel for the eLearning community to publicise and share their works
  • An information product which allows the NHS community to shape and to contribute
  • A catalogue of local content

Key Objectives

The key objectives of the repository project are:

  • To provide an extensible search and discovery platform for eLearning objects held both within the repository and at external locations
  • Identify, quality assure, manage and classify eLearning objects
  • Identify an NHS user base for the eLearning Repository and develop a community of practice around eLearning resource development and sharing

We welcome eLearning leads who commission or provide learning or training resources to be content contributors, provide feedback and help establish the user support required.

Visit the eLearning repository

eLearning Readiness Toolkit


eLearning Readiness ToolkitThis toolkit was created by Connecting for Health to help your organisation plan e-Learning delivery, with contributions from Skills for Health to help plan e-Learning delivery in relation to the Widening Participation Agenda.

At the heart of the toolkit is a powerful and flexible tool to help you judge how e-Learning ready your organisation is. It can be used in a variety of ways by an individual or by teams. You and your colleagues will be able to use the toolkit to help with your e-strategy.

This online toolkit, includes:

  • background information and how to use the toolkit
  • information to support implementation of e-Learning in an NHS organisation
  • an e-Learning Readiness Tool based on an e-maturity model
  • a searchable set of resources or links

Visit the eLearning Readiness Toolkit site

National Learning Management System

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The National Learning Management System (NLMS) project was initiated to define the requirements and deliver a national NHS eLearning system. The development of the system is a joint initiative between the Electronic Staff Record Programme (ESR), the Department of Health, NHS Connecting for Health, Skills for Health - Core Learning Unit and eLearning for Healthcare.

Using the NLMS is a way for all NHS employees with a staff record on ESR to access free of charge eLearning courses written for the NHS. The functionality is fully integrated into the ESR solution and enables:

  • Delivery of national eLearning content to all employees with a staff record on ESR, free of charge;
  • Delivery of locally developed eLearning courses;
  • Training teams to manage eLearning course delivery in addition to traditional face to face training, through one single point of access, a fully blended approach to learning;
  • Remote access for employees to national and local eLearning courses, creating a flexible way of learning to suit individual learners;
  • Tracking of users’ progress through each course and the ability to record results of tests and other data in ESR against the portable employee record;
  • A consistent approach and delivery mechanism for local and national eLearning content across the NHS.

For further information, please visit the ESR support website and NLMS project website:

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